Realtor.com Seller Review (2016)
Maggie is easy to work with and extremely professional and dedicated. She is relatively new at the business, but that didn't stop her from taking time to find out what she didn't know and immediately getting back to me. We had a very challenging closing due to the buyer's 3 or 4 personal issues, an audit, and 3 or 4 loan issues all causing many delays (4 or 5 extensions and 3 months)! She kept her cool, reassuring me; resurrecting the deal several times; and pulling solutions out of thin air. She is a magician! I totally reccomend her to anyone buying or selling property on South Padre Island. She never gave up and tenaciously saved the deal.  

Realtor.com Buyer Review 
MAGGIE was both very nice and very knowledgeable. She is aware of every detail regarding her market. But even more importantly, she was able to provide non-biased information and advice in a non-judgmental and in a very professional way. THANK YOU MAGGIE FOR YOUR HELP!! You are the best!!

Realtor.com Buyer Review (2016)
 I found Maggie to be extremely proactive. She's always one step ahead of the process, nudging people for this document or that, always with an eye toward a speedy close. Secondly, she has a keen i ntuition for what the buyer is looking for and takes the initiative to come up with ideas. Finally, she's impeccably accurate. It has been a joy working with her.

Realtor.com Buyer Review (2015)
--she did an awesome job . It was a long and difficult process and she went far and beyond to find a way to make it possible.

Realtor.com Buyer Review (2016)
Maggie was available 100% of the time when I needed her.